This Woven Kingdom: Book Review

This Woven Kingdom Book Review

While it's true that it had taken me more than I would have liked to fall in love with this book, I did fall in love with it. My biggest problem with it had been that it was the first in a trilogy, and it isn't even out yet. I fell in love with the world, and I am more than ready to dive into the rest of the story to find out how it ends. I need more Alizeh and Kamran moments, I don't think there were enough of them here!

The Lies About Truth: Book Review

The Lies About Truth Book Review

I have so many mixed feelings about this book. Don’t judge me, but I went in wanting to hate it. Or perhaps, a better way of saying it is I’ve gotten so used to not enjoying YA contemporary books the past few years that I was solemnly resigned to not liking this one as par for the course. Thankfully I was wrong, and this book was awesome!